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Portillo Jewelers - McAllen
March 17, 2016


12743814_10204242615224907_8296817228332609556_n18 years with my amazing husband, we've been through so much to be where we are today and we took the longest hardest road to get here. No matter how modest a gift from him was when times were tough, I valued and cherished it like it was worth millions because it was from him. It's been a beautiful adventure building our lives up from absolutely nothing to what it is today. I've had a couple of rings and upgrades in all these years as you can imagine but today my husband presented me with my dream ring!! This custom ring from Portillo Jewlers describes my husbands love for me indefinitely. The center diamond is so incredible that the entire ring was built around it. It's so incredibly amazing, I will treasure it forever. Thank you Mr. Portillo for your patience & enthusiasm when we'd walk in your store and for creating this treasure on my finger. I still can't believe it's all mine!!!! (The pictures do it no justice lol)


March 17, 2016



I had the best customer service at your jewelry store. I have been to every jewelry store and never have I been treated with such kindness. Ricardo answered tons of questions for me. I love my rings! Thank you so much Ricardo for working with me to get my dream rings

March 17, 2016


11001807_742919709136672_6442197649262880146_nWould like to thank Ricardo, and all the friendly staff at Portillo Jewlers for helping me completely customize the perfect ring... She absolutely loves it... Thank you...

This is the first of a 2 part series of commercials, produced by Garmendia Photography and Cinema in McAllen, Texas.
Brides shown are ACTUAL Portillo Jewelers customers and we appreciate their participation!

This is the 2nd installment of the “Engagement Ring Expert” series. Featuring 3 more Portillo Brides and also produced by Garmendia Photography and Cinema.

Our most recent appearance on Action 4 Sunrise featuring various Mother’s Day gift ideas. Thanks for having us over again KGBT.