Portillo Promise

It is our goal to make sure we do all we can to ensure our customers are happy with not only their purchase but also their experience at Portillo Jewelers. It is because of this that we offer our customers piece of mind by providing a 4 prong service standard that is built on a lifetime guarantee, trade in policy, insurance and appraisal.


Lifetime Guarantee:

Free Sizing & Cleaning

Free Prong Check & Rettiping or Resetting of Prongs

Free Reseting of damaged stones or settings

Free Rhodium Plating and / or electro plating twice per year

Trade in Policy:

Any diamond jewelry piece can be traded in for another diamond jewelry piece of equal or greater value for the life of the piece and maintain the original value toward another piece. If you bought a $2500 ring and now it is time for an upgrade, we will take it back at its $2500 purchase value and put that toward your new item. It is that simple.


Free replacement of small stones (up to 3 times.) You will only be charged the manufacturer’s replacement cost for lost center stones.


Each diamond purchase comes with a signed appraisal which includes all the specifications of the piece: diamond size, cut, color, wieght of the piece and color photos. the appraisal can be used to insure the jewelry.